Buggin’ Out


There is a scene at the beginning of the third act of White House Down, in which Jamie Foxx, playing a mild-mannered President of the United States, goes berserk on a terrorist who had latched onto the President’s shoes, a pair of Air Jordans.

“Get. Yo. Hands. Off. My. Jordans,” screamed President Foxx as he kicks the terrorist in the face, each kick coinciding with a word.

No one who knows film would go into a screening of White House Down not expecting it to be ridiculous and stupid — after all, this film is directed by Roland Freaking Emmerich and also stars Channing Tatum as a cop who’s the last line of defense in the White House — but still, that scene of the President of the United States, who apparently wears a full suit with Air Jordans with regularity, making a big deal over his Jordans stood out.

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Money, It’s Gotta Be The Shoes


Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing, a seminal film on racial/cultural tension in America, was less a story than a series of unconnected yarns from┬áthe Bed-Stuy district of Brooklyn that, due to the proximity in which these occur, became inextricable by the film’s end.

While the death of Radio Raheem at the hands of a white cop and the subsequent “motherfucking of a window” by Mookie make up the explosive climax, the fuse had been lit in earlier scenes, most notably the argument between Buggin’ Out and a neighbor, over a pair of Nike sneakers. Specifically, Air Jordans. Continue reading