Michael Jordan of Music


At approximately 2am, June 15th, Hong Kong time — that makes it 2pm, June 14th, New York time — word trickled through Twitter that Yeezus, Kanye West’s sixth studio album, had leaked onto the internet.

I found a working torrent by 2:05, by 2:15, when the album finished downloading, Yeezus talk had taken over Twitter and music/pop culture blogs completely.

As a big fan of West’s previous albums — I consider My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as the best album of 2010 (also best pop album in maybe two, three years), and I think very highly of Graduation and Late Registration — and someone who considers him to be one of the best pop-makers of our generation, Yeezus is a slight disappointment, in that the record is less hip hop or pop than grunge and industrial rock. Gone are West’s grandiose pop beats, catchy choruses and soulful samples (Blood on the Leaves is perhaps the only exception) in favor or a dark, brutal, Nine Inch Nails/Marilyn Manson-esque screams and slicing synths.

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