Throwback Thursday

I wrote a new piece for Sports Illustrated. It’s about how the term Throwback Thursday, and more specifically, the word Throwback, can be traced back to NBA culture, specifically, the just-retired Allen Iverson and SLAM magazine. 

I even use graphs and stuff.


Swallowing Shots of “Stupid”


UPDATE: MAY 21, 2013 — I wrote this piece on May 13, little did I know that this Village Voice situation would blow up 8 times over within a week. (also this, and this.)


When it comes to publishing, Hong Kong is an anomaly, in that print here is not only surviving, but it’s thriving. South China Morning Post, a publication for which I worked and from which I learned, is apparently the most profitable newspaper in the world. They’re doing so well that they just purchased Asia City, which publishes HK Magazine, another magazine that turns a monster profit due to its insane number of ads, many of which cater to rich expats of Hong Kong.

This is not normal. In the US, print publications are disappearing left and right. Many believe only truly legacy publications like New York Times, TIME, and Wall Street Journal, along with fashion magazines that are reliant on big, glossy visuals, have any realistic shot of surviving beyond, say, the end of this decade.

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